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How to Use your iPad as a Laptop or a Mobile Desktop

Many people wonder whether or not an iPad can be used as a laptop or desktop replacement. Out of the box, the iPad is certainly not a practical replacement in most cases. However, I was able to find a practical solution that works surprisingly well! I thought I would share it with you here.

I made a short video that demonstrates this working. I apologize if the video is a little blurry at times:

As you can see, it works great and there isn’t any noticeable lag.

The Setup

Before we start the setup, I should mention that this method does require you to already have a desktop or laptop somewhere for it to be fully functioning as a replacement. If you would rather look for a conventional laptop, you can find one suited to your liking using the showmyoptions laptop finder.

iPad to Desktop/Laptop Conversion Steps:
1. Purchase a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you don’t have these already. I picked both of these up from amazon for around $80 total, but it can be done even cheaper since I opted for pricier items.

2. You will need to jailbreak your iPad if it isn’t already. It is not possible to get a mouse working with the iPad without jailbreaking. You can find a guide on how to … Read the rest

New iPhone case lights up notification LEDs when a call or text is incoming

Using wasted electromagnetic energy, the Lunecase harnesses the excess energy by lighting up the case with cool LED icons. When a call is incoming a phone icon flashes on the case and when a text is received a text icon lights up. There are no batteries or connections required for this to work.It solely relies on electromagnetic energy to function.… Read the rest

Although Apple has already agreed to refund customers whose child maxed out their credit cards on Smurfberries, there was a separate FTC lawsuit going on with a very similar complaint.

You can get the gist of it here

I get it. 5 years ago there wasn’t much knowledge about in app purchases and a kid running up the credit card after an hour on the ipad/iphone was something that a lot of people didn’t know was possible. I am not even sure if Apple had password control for in app purchase at that time. With current measures however, there is no reason for a child to be able to make in app purchases without the parents being 100% at fault.

The fact the we need the government to come in and be the parent is actually quite embarrassing. Can we not just take a moment to explain to a kid what they can and can’t do if they are going to use a device? If they fail to follow the rules, why not make them work to pay it back? IF they are still able to make an in app purchase because they are trying to learn numbers and your password is 123456…… Read the rest

Next Version of USB Is Reversable

The frustration of many will soon be a thing of the past. The next standard of USB will include reversible connectors just like Apple’s lightning connector. This means that it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in, it will work either way.

It is named USB type C and it will be an entirely new USB connector. This great thing about the new design is that it is more similar to the size of a micro USB connector. This will make it easier for the increasingly thinner devices to include USB 3.0 in their designs.

USB 3.0 is the fastest way to transfer data from external devices with speeds up to 10 Gbps.… Read the rest

Best Black Friday Deals for Laptops

It’s that time of year again and there are some really good deals on laptops and tablets set for Black Friday 2013.

Here are some quick highlights:

– Best Buy if offering the Macbook Pro for $200 of retail price ($1,099)
– Best Buy is offering $150 off Macbook Air’s
– The HP Pavilion Chromebook 14 is going to be $179 at Staples which is $150 cheaper than it’s original price.
– ASUS X401 at Radioshack for $249 which is $80 less than its original price.

Note: Keep in mind that some stores are dong their door buster deals on Thursday night this year. Good luck!… Read the rest

A Quick Look at the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

We just got our hands on the new iPad mini with retina display. The addition of retina on the iPad mini has been a long anticipated feature since the first iPad mini was released, and let me just say — it does not disappoint. At 326ppi and a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, it is double the amount of pixels on the first iPad mini which is 1024×768 and 162ppi. I have been impressed with the quality of the display each time I turn it on. The text looks perfect and there are no distinguishable pixels to the human eye when viewing from a normal distance. We did not have any issues with color uniformity like some people have been reporting. Also, there has been reports that the color gamut is weaker on the iPad mini when compared to the iPad Air. While this is probably true from a technical standpoint, most users will probably not notice unless they compare the two devices side by side.


This iPad mini has the same exact form factor as the previous mini. It is extremely thin and light and it is comfortable to hold with one hand. It is also much easier to type with your thumbs with the smaller form. This holds true in both landscape and portrait mode.


The iPad mini … Read the rest

Preferred Choice Between Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone?

With so many different types of computers out there it can be tough to decide which one to go with. Desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones are all capable of basic computing needs such as browsing the internet, checking email, talking to friends.

Some people seem to think that the tablet and smartphone are going to kill desktop computing. I have to disagree. Everyone that I know who owns a tablet use it in addition to a laptop or a desktop. I see a tablet as a just something that is more portable and easy to carry around everywhere you go – good for browsing, entertainment, communication via text/email, apps, etc. While this is very convenient and definitely enough to warrant a purchase for many people, the PC (desktop or a laptop) is more functional when it comes to software development and work related applications. A tablet and smartphone is just a more portable extension of the standard PC.… Read the rest

Chromebook a Good Macbook Alternative?

With the holidays fast approaching, you can bet that many people have their eyes on a Chromebook.

What is a Chromebook?
Its a sleek and ultra portable laptop that runs on Chrome OS – a new operating system developed by Google. Currently, the sizes range anywhere from 11.6″ to 14″. The 11.6 inch version weighs in at an impressive 2.4lbs and is 0.69″ thin. The 14″ version is 4.1lbs and 0.81 inches thin.

The design is very comparable to the Macbook Air. In fact, the product dimensions and weight are nearly identical. The upside to the Google Chromebook is that it is much cheaper.

For those eager to make the purchase, you might want to see the latest news on HP and Google halting Chromebook 11 sales. Apparently, some customers have reported that their chargers are overheating with the HP version of the chromebook. Let’s hope that they can get these issues resolved as it seems like a great product overall. For now, the Acer version seems like the safest bet.… Read the rest